Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Mini POÄNG Chair

A couple weekends ago, my cousin and I went to IKEA because she was looking for a new cover for her POÄNG chair that she had gotten back from a friend of hers. I decided to make a list of potential things I wanted 'needed' of our house... Well needless to say I bought a bunch of stuff. (Carol bought nothing!)

Walking around, we stumbled upon the children's section of Ikea. I 'oo'd' and 'ah'd' at all the cute things I wanted to buy for Caden but knew he wouldn't use until he was older or we didn't need it. Then I saw it... a mini POÄNG! Kid sized! I took Caden out of the carrier and sat him in it, took a picture and sent it to Levi with the caption "We need!"

I wrote down the place to find it on the first floor warehouse area and told Carol I was going to think about it, I pretty much decided as I finished that sentence that I had to get it!

We wondered around some more, I found shelves that would work for what I envisioned a book wall to be in Caden's room and some other random things and we headed down stairs.

When I got home I immediately put together the chair! I decided it was too plain, so a few days later I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up these fabric markers.

While Levi had started on our kitchen project I sat down and drew this little design on the chair in fabric markers. I'm not sure if I'm done decorating it but I like it for right now.

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