Monday, April 7, 2014

Wrap Conversion Tula Hood

A little over a month ago I purchased a Wrap Conversion Tula from a lovely mama on the Tula B/S/T group on facebook. It came with a black canvas hood which matched just fine but I wanted a hood made out of the same wrap the Tula was so I set out to find some scraps of the wrap (Natibaby Manhattan). I couldn't find any on the scrap B/S/T pages so I decided to dive in and buy a whole wrap and sell off the extras.

I got the tutorial on the Tula Love facebook page. They have great documents to help new Tula mama's.

A lovely mama made the tutorial while making her own hood. It can be found here.

I modified it slightly because I didn't want to have to match up stripes in multiple places and I had enough width of wrap that I didn't have to. I copied the pattern exactly but I made my side seams wider to accommodate the lack of seam in the middle. In the end I should have probably made the pattern just an inch or so more narrow because I had a bit of extra width in the end but it's not too noticeable or strange looking.

So here are some pictures :-)

Materials used: paper for pattern, marker, straight pins, fabric and regular scissors, measuring tape, canvas hood, woven wrap (Natibaby Manhattan), black thread, sewing machine, and a cup of tea. (obviously not everything is pictured)

I cut 2 pieces of the pattern on a fold.

2 cut pieces

I then cut the original canvas hood and kept the elastic and base intact. I forgot the take progress pictures but the original tutorial explains it all wonderfully.