Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Citrus Lane Box

Hooray! It's that time of the month again! Citrus Lane time!!! I get super excited every month now, even though I get on Citrus Lane's Facebook and there are tons of complaints about petty things. If you're going to complain then cancel and make your own damn box! Go to the store, order stuff online and put one together for yourself, that way you're guaranteed to love it. But the fun of Citrus Lane is the surprise, sure I don't like or use everything we get but in the end it's worth the fun and surprise. And we have used most things. Caden still loves his Innobaby Teether and his Green Toys Keys. I LOVE the Dapple baby dish soap, the Honest Company Shampoo & Body wash and use my Mommy Hook. We now use his Oogaa spoon at every feeding and I already loved Aden + Anais burpy bibs. So over all I'm still super happy with Citrus Lane. And this month we got a couple exciting things.

i play Reversible Sun Hat
- Periwinkle Pier - Can I say this is the most exciting thing in this months box! We use an i play swim diaper and love it! The second reason I was excited about this hat was I had been searching Target high and low for a hat with a chin strap, they apparently don't sell them for some odd reason. This hat has a chin strap! He'll be able to wear it outside and on the boat without worrying about it flying away! Also we received an adorable pattern!!! I was worried we'd get a boring white one. It's UV-protective 50+ and reversible! I couldn't find this exact one for pricing but they were all in the range of about $15.00. You can find them at 

Boon Odd Duck - This is adorable as well!! Caden loves, loves, loves his rubber duck that I got from Target before he was born that is supposed to tell you if the water is too hot in the tub. He chews on him and grabs for him while he takes a bath! So how he has another bath time friend!! It's free of PVC, BPA and phthalates and won't hold water so theres no chance of mold! On Amazon I found these ranging from $5.00 to $19.00! They put their website of on the little info card but I couldn't find the ducks anywhere on their site. Unfortunately they're made in china :-/

Happy Family Stage 2 Homestyle Meals Pouch - Basmati Rice, Coconut milk & Carrot Blend - This is up for debate on whether or not I'm going to try this product out. We were avoiding introducing rice to Caden because we've had a few friends babies (not all) get real constipated from rice. Also I could go on about how white rice is not that great for you and all rice grown in America has Arsenic in it... but that's a whole debate in it's self. So I can't really review this product for you, but I do plan on buying some of these pouches (in different flavors) for a trip in August so maybe I'll do a review then. A case of 16 of these pouches on Amazon goes for about $18.00

Last and least, 

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 - I've seen a ton of debate on this sample on Citrus Lane's facebook. Relax people, they put a sticker over it because it would be too costly to create a whole new sample sized bottle when they don't already have one. If it pisses you off that much then cancel the service but I really see no problem. Anyways, to the product itself. My beef with this is it's gear towards my baby, but it's only SPF 35. I'm a pale paranoid mother with a ghostly white babe... I put 70 on myself. 35 is not nearly enough for me to test this out. MAYBE I'll test it out on myself but I bet money I get sunburned!

This box wasn't nearly as great as the last 2 boxes we've received but I am glad we got it just because of the hat and rubber duck. I saved money on the last 2 boxes so I'd say we broke about even on everything. We'll continue the service next month and I'll be as excited as ever for it to arrive!

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