Monday, November 22, 2010

My first business as "director of First impressions"

My dad gave me this title because generally I'm the first person a customers sees when they walk into our store. So I have to give everyone the best first impression ever, which is usually greater achieve by Boo who on a number of occasions is sitting by the front door greeting customers So she's a better impression (unless she starts barking). But as the first person everyone sees I can't have a bad day at work. I have to be friendly, cheery, and accommodating at ALL TIMES! Which can be hard sometimes.

So I hadn't heard my dad use this title for me in quite sometime, until today. I printed out an email, a complaint from a customer, and handed it to my dad. The customer had hoped the email would reach "the owners" so he was the person to give it to. He read it, told me to have Matt (our general manager) read it. He read it.... Dad said "well you take care of it, you're the director of first impressions, me and Matt have things to do"

I froze. He really trusted me with dealing with a customer complaint. What if I said something wrong and pissed them off even more. If a customer is unsatisfied with a business they tell all their friends and anyone who'll listen... this could be bad, I can't screw this up.

After rereading the email, the customer and her friend already stated that because of these incidences they were not going to return to our store, so should I even reply? But we needed to find out what employee they had encountered so we could talk to them about the problem. So off my mind went trying to word what I was going to say to this person that clearly could not take sarcastic comments (which was the problem with one of the incidences she mentioned)

I got the wording what I thought was perfect, took a deep breath, and pressed send.

and that's where we're at now. Now I wait to see if she even takes the time to respond to my questions and comments. If not I wasted my time. But I'll update this post if anything comes out of it.

I knew this would eventually be part of my job as I want to take over when the time comes, but today I was not quite prepared.

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