Monday, October 1, 2012

The Maternity Jean Battle is over... I hope

I've never in my life struggled to find a comfortable pair of jeans, until now.

At the beginning of this pregnancy it was warm out, I bought so maternity shorts from Target and Motherhood. I thought they were the most comfortable things I had ever worn. The were still a little big on me at first so I had to pull up the belly panel from time to time, but I didn't care because it was so comfortable otherwise.

Well fast forward to the weather cooling off suddenly and rapidly. I needed to find some long jeans. I hadn't thought about it because it had been such a long hot spring/summer. So I went to my first choice of Target... FAIL! Their smallest size (2) was too long, too big in the butt and even the belly panel was too big.

So I started my search online. I ordered 2 pairs on Old Navy's website after reading reviews that they were awesome, I ordered one size 4 skinny jean and one size 2 boot cut. I got them, tried them out and thought that I had found my jeans. After wearing them for more than an hour I realized the panel was WAY too tight and uncomfortable on my bump. The skinny jeans aren't as bad but still they weren't as comfortable as my beloved maternity shorts.

Remembering I had a pair of hand me down jeans in my drawer I tried those on, worn them for a couple days and quickly realized, maybe my belly just didn't want something hugging it. The panel wasn't too tight but just uncomfortable once again, AND they were too short. Which wasn't the biggest deal but I just wasn't comfortable!

So back to the internet I went, found this off maternity site called sweet pea maternity. Ordered a pair... the panel was cotton with an elastic at the top... not comfortable at ALL!!! And they were way too long.

I went back to Old Navy because they had a sale, I finally decided to try a different style. The under the belly elastic panel. They were on sale for $22 and $19. So I ordered 2 different pairs of boot cuts.

HALLELUJAH!!!! This is it! Finally a comfortable pair of jeans, both of them. They're a little loose but my belly doesn't feel squished! The battle is over! Unless these suddenly get too tight, short, or I decide they just aren't as comfortable as I thought. But I don't see that happening! *Fingers crossed*

(I'll have my weekly update when I get my glucose test results back)

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