Thursday, December 2, 2010

I can be annoying too!

Some, or most of you know about the newest addition to my house hold. Rabbit. The cute little 4lb black chiweenie. Now I've been thru the puppy stage with Boo and while some things are different a lot of them are the same.

The one thing puppy Boo and Little Rabbit have in common is the way they act when Me or Allie are in the shower and they are locked in the bathroom with us.

At this point Rabbit is still in the out of sight out of mind stage. And as soon as you close the shower curtain or shower door she goes into a panic. As if she's been abandon at a park and there is no one around to save her.

She starts to whimper and whine and run around like she's locked in a dark closest and doesn't know what has happened.

So today was the first time I took a shower while home alone with the 2 puppies. I was hoping to put Rabbit on the bed and she'd curl up and fall asleep until I was done showering. Yeah right, like my plans ever work out involving a puppy.

As soon as I got into the shower Boo started barking and then I see a little black spot running around the bathroom. Rabbit got off the bed. Which she has just recently discovered she can do. So I get out of the shower quickly to close the door.

This is where the fun begins. As she starts to whine, I calmly talk to her in the "baby voice" Saying things like "rabbit I'm right here" "its ok rabbit" "stop whining"

As I get more annoyed I begin whining back at her and making up little songs like "My name is Rabbit, I'm a whiny puppy, I like to whine while mom is in the shower, whine whine whine"

At this point I am so glad I'm home alone cause anyone that would hear this would think I'm crazy. I try and try to out annoy Rabbit, like a little kid trying to out annoy my brother.

I continue to whine and make up silly puppy songs in hope to shut her up, suddenly it's quiet in the bathroom so I stop. Wondering if she is getting into mischief I look closely thru the shower door. The little black spot is sitting in the spot where I had layed a towel.

It worked!!! I finish showering, get out and see her curled up on the towel.

I had successfully annoyed the puppy! Something I never thought I'd be able to say, nor have I ever thought about doing. But whatever works to get her to be quiet while I'm in the shower.

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