Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Renaissance Faire Outfit!

After going to the Bristol Ren Faire a bunch last year, Levi suggested we dress up this year! Last year, he bought boots and a cloak. And I was pregnant last year so I couldn't try on any outfits with corsets. So I went on a mission this spring to find the perfect outfit.

At first I wanted to either dress up as a pirate or a woodland creature. But then I stumbled upon Venefica Corsetry on Etsy. I immediately fell in love with her work! I browsed thru all her current inventory and found a ruffle bustle that I couldn't stop thinking about! (pictured below) So I started trying to piece an outfit together around the bustle. Having a hard time I decided to send Stacey a message on her opinions for an outfit. She let me know she could make a corset to match and gave me suggestions for the colors of the rest of the outfit! She was wonderful to correspond with!

After about 4 weeks, my outfit arrived!!

It was like Christmas in June!

I wasn't sure what to expect as far as quality because I had never ordered something like this from anyone on Etsy before. But I hoped for the best. And I was pleasantly surprised at how AMAZING of a job that Stacey did. The corset is so incredibly detailed and very well made! It certainly will last me a long time! I can't wait to wear it to the faire!

Here is Stacey's information

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