Saturday, January 19, 2013

Caden at 1 month

I can not believe it's already been a month since this little munchkin joined us.

He was born 20 1/4 inches and is already about 22 inches long!
He was 7lbs 12oz and is somewhere around 10lbs now! We'll find out his length and weight for sure on Monday and his 1 month well baby check up! Some days we still have our days and nights mixed up. His favorite thing to do is wiggle (see video below)! And he LOVES to shower with mommy and daddy!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Caden's Birth Story

Sunday (12/16) I was an emotional wreck. Which was strange because I hadn't really been too emotional the whole pregnancy. Little did we know....

Monday morning (12/17- Caden's Estimated Due Date) at 5am I was awoken suddenly by a gush of liquids. I couldn't stop it so I immediately yelled Levi's name. Sure enough my water had broken. I got into the shower and started shivering and shaking. After a while it finally stopped, at this point I wasn't feeling any contractions but we sent our midwife a few texts and shortly after that I started feeling them. Boy did I feel them!
My midwife said to start timing them and send her the report after 10 contractions, which was super easy with the contraction master app!  They were already 5 to 6 minute apart lasting about a minute! She said it was a great start. She came by at 930am to check on me, sure enough I was already 4 centimeters dilated. She went into the dining room and set up her post for the next couple hours.
By noon I was 6 centimeters and by 3 or 4 I was 8. So I got in the birthing tub to relieve some of the pain. It helped alot!

Sometime later I was checked again and they said I was at 10 cm and that when I felt the urge to push I could. Shortly after I felt that urge and I started my attempt to push the little booger out.

4 hours and quite a long break breathing through contractions later, still no baby and it turned out I hadn't gotten to 10 cm. There was still a lip of cervix that we couldn't push baby passed. At 9pm my midwife was concerned about babies heart tones. They kept going up and down, so she called it that she wasn't comfortable delivering him at home and called 911.

We were rushed to Condell Medical Center in Libertyville. The men in the ambulance were so wonderful and helping coach me through contractions. My midwife took heart tones the whole way and Levi had to drive my midwife's car to the hospital. I was scared and shaking uncontrollably (which turns out is normal during labor).

The plan when we got to the hospital was to let me try to push again... The doctor on call agreed to this plan with my midwife but he never let me try to push. He checked me and saw that there was still a lip of cervix that was in the way and decided to 'section' me. Of course being overwhelmed and scared I looked to my midwife and she agreed it was for the best. Levi had to wait out in the hall while they prepped me and once I was ready they sent him in. He was a mess, I was a mess. It was the scariest moment of our lives. Levi later told me he was afraid he was going to lose me and baby.

At 9:33pm the doctor announced "Dad, you have a son" And then we heard Caden cry. The sweetest sound ever. After what seemed like forever they brought him over for us to see. He was the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I am so grateful I got to try to have a natural birth at home, grateful to experience the natural pain, and also so very grateful for my midwife knowing when intervention was truly needed and making the call in time. AND I'm grateful for the option to c-section. I got to experience natural childbirth except for the actual delivery but I'm totally ok with that. I know that I could have made it through if Caden had been positioned correctly. He was OP and stuck hitting my pelvis and we couldn't get him passed a lip of cervix which wouldn't dilate because I kept trying to push him into it.

I may have forgotten some details but I wanted to finish this before I forgot more.
Right after birth

3 weeks old
He is the sweetest little munchkin ever and I'm so in love with him and I'm so glad he is here with us safe and sound :-)