Friday, February 25, 2011

"The Walker"

I see my fair share of strange people at my job. As I'm sure most of us do. Unless you don't work with the public. Or maybe you work with strange people. In any case we've all encountered strange people. I think I'm going to try turn this into a series of stories about some odd regular customers we have.

We'll start out with "The Walker"

"The Walker" is a lady that comes in every so often, so walks from the park across the street, with her 90's head phones over her ears and her walkman in her pocket. She's a quiet lady, doesn't say much. She has a routine. She walks in the front door, turns to the left and walks right over the the candy shelves. Stands in front of the candy, stares for a while then picks up her selections. Comes over to the counter, pays for her candy, grabs her bag and walks to the back of the greenhouse to the coffee machine. I'm not sure whether she gets coffee, or hot chocolate or maybe even cappuccino. Then she walks out the door and back across the busy road and continues on her walk. She started this routine late this past summer and has come back for her candy and coffee every week or every other week ever since. She buys nothing else. Which I find very odd because we are a garden center... Who goes to a garden center for candy? She even does this in the coldest snowiest weather the midwest has to offer.