Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reasons why I hate snow

This is probably going to be a short post, but I wanted to express the reasons why I hate snow so much.

1. It's cold!

2. The instant it starts flurrying, people forget how to drive. They slow down they act like idiots and make traffic even more terrible than ever

3. It looks pretty much doesn't feel pretty, as soon as I go outside thinking "oh how pretty, it's snowing" I instantly regret being out there no matter how bundled up I am.

4. Sledding is only fun when you're doing it, at my age, the next morning and day is hell!!

5. Snowboarding is fun, but too expensive and is the same as sledding. My body just can't take it

6. People throw snow balls at you.

7. If you slip and fall, which happens more often with snow than not, it hurts because there's probably ice under it and you get soaking wet and cold.

8. I have to shovel it to make a potty area for Boo if it's too deep

9. I have to dry Boo off after taking her off, sometimes she gets those annoy snow balls stuck to her legs

10. Did I mention its COLD!!!!!

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