Tuesday, October 9, 2012

30 Weeks - Hiccups and Peepee Tents

We hit the big Three Oh! Only 10 more weeks until our little man's due date. I can not believe how fast the last 30 weeks have gone. I imagine that time might start slowing down now that we're getting so close to meeting our little muffin.

Late last week the little mister started getting the hiccups a lot! I'm sure all the mothers out there know what this feels like, but for those who aren't mothers, let me describe this strange feeling to you! First off, we know that mister is head down and him having the hiccups all the time confirms that, because that's where I feel them. They feel like little muscle spasms. Not like kicks, and I can only feel them internally. When baby kicks or punches I can see and feel them externally but not theses little annoying taps of the hiccups!

He gets them quiet a few times a day now and according to my "what to expect" book they "don't cause the baby discomfort" But who figured that out?! Who went into someones uterus and got their baby to tell them this?

I got a little gift for baby AND daddy this week. Our friends keep reminding Levi about how he's going to get peed on. And that he better remember to cover up the little man's wiener while changing diapers & giving baths. We'll I found these little gems on Etsy...

We'll have to let you know how well they work once we get to try them out!

Finally, this week I'm finishing up getting my shower favors done. I know the shower is supposed to be done by everyone else and that I'm supposed to sit back and just enjoy it, but I wanted to get involved. So I put myself in charge of favors, my personal way of thanking everyone for coming to celebrate our baby! I'm not going to post what they are until next week after the shower. Let's just say I had fun creating both of them!

So with out further adieu, here is the 30 week bump!

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