Monday, October 1, 2012

29 weeks - Hip Hip Hooray!

11 weeks to go! and 12 weeks until Christmas. I'm hoping this little man comes before Christmas!

So far I've gained 12lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and 10 inches around the midsection! With 11 weeks to go, if I gain by the book (1lb a week) I should gain 11 more lbs. But who's counting? Not me.

Last Thursday I went and saw Debbie for my 28 week appointment. We heard a strong 'typical' boy heart beat of 136 bpm and she felt around the bump and confirmed that this little boy is head down already!!! Let's just keep our fingers crossed he doesn't randomly decide to flip over. I'll have to refrain from handstands and cartwheels. Debbie also took blood to test my glucose levels and iron levels. She called this afternoon and told me the results...

"Everything looks perfect" The best words an expectant, home birth planning mother could ask for! Debbie only has a 7% transfer rate because she is extra cautious with who she lets have a home birth. And gestational diabetes is one of the things on her 'no home birth' list. But now I don't have to worry about that one!

So here's the bump at 29 weeks, I can't believe how big it is (but I say that every week)

And this week, I worked on a secret project, plus another little project...

I got a 'C' made out of wood and painted it and added some ribbon. I'm considering going back and getting the rest of the letters to spell out babies name but I'm still undecided. I originally bought the C just to go on his bedroom door. (Yes the stripes are a little crooked but it's ok!)

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