Thursday, October 25, 2012

32 Weeks - Beginning the Diaper Collection

We decided we're going to use cloth diapers with Baby for many reasons.
1. No nasty chemicals on babies skin
2. They're better for the environment
3. Less expensive in the long run
4. They're cuter!

Just to name a few.
After tons and tons of research, I decided to try out 2 brands. Gdiapers & Swaddlebees. Both have great reviews but are very different.

The Gdiaper is a 'hybrid' diaper. It comes with the option to purchase cloth and/or disposable inserts. The cloth are made of hemp, cotton & micro fleece. The disposables are flushable, compostable and can be thrown in the trash but WILL break down until traditional disposable diapers. I could go on all day but if you want to know more about them visit their website (

The Swaddlebees we purchased are the Infant Simplex All-in-one. They're all cloth, a PUL outer shell with Birdseye cotton inside. (

I ordered the small sizes in both of these for now. After we get to try them out I might like one over the other and just pick one brand to stick with.

So here's the beginning of the collection!

Here is 32 weeks and 3 days!

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