Sunday, September 2, 2012

25 weeks - Getting things done!

Last Thursday we had our 24 week appointment with Debbie, my midwife. Everything is perfect! Baby is growing perfectly, I've gained a good amount of weight and because I've been sticking to a healthy balanced diet I get to drink an Ocean Spray Cranberry juice from the glucose test instead of the famous gross juice that everyone keeps talking about! Keep your fingers crossed that sticking to the diet has prevented me from developing Gestational Diabetes.

Also on Thursday Levi & I cleared everything out of the babies room that isn't for the baby! We organized all the things we've already gotten for him and I started on a project!

Back in February or March, before we knew about baby, Levi found this awesome kitchen island thing on the side of the road, in perfect condition! We had planned on using it somewhere in the house but we weren't sure where. We decided to use it as a changing table! Only problem was it has a stainless steel top. Probably great for kitchen use but not so great for in a nursery. So we came up with a plan to cover the top with foam batting and a slipcover. Keep in mind we will also be putting a changing pad on top for extra safety we just haven't gotten it yet! We also wanted to remove the wheels but that would make it an odd height so I made a little skirt to cover them up!

I went to Hobby Lobby to get some picture frames, but low and behold they had the WORST selection of white picture frames. So instead of paying $8.00/frame on ones I didn't like very much I went to Target and while there I went browsing through the baby section and found a great bargain! A $30 Graco diaper bag on sale for $8.98. The lady at the check out had to get out her reading glasses to make sure it was correct! LOL! (I got the perfect frames for $4 each too)
Note, under this sticker was another that said 'was 29.99'

At Hobby Lobby I did find a cute iron on for a onesie and some little shoes so I got those and ironed it on right away!

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