Monday, August 27, 2012

24 weeks - Starting our collection of baby things!

24 weeks already?! I can't believe it. And I already feel HUGE!!!! I mean look at me! lol I love the changes though. This week we have another appointment with our midwife, Debbie, I love going to visit her. I'm so glad that I get to go see a midwife instead of a doctor. She actually takes time to talk with me and cares about me and my pregnancy. This visit I hand in another food log to so she can determine if I get to drink the icky juice or the grape juice for my gestational diabetes testing in 4 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for the grape juice! I've been pretty darn good with sticking to the diet.  And I've been really good at remembering to take the recommended vitamins every morning!
24 week bump!

Sunday we met up with Levi's friend Sandy who was generous enough to gift us a bunch of baby 'supplies'! I am so thankful for her gifting. We got a car seat/stroller system (which I was afraid we wouldn't be able to use but after extensive research it is safe to go!), an ERGObaby carrier, a boppy pillow, 2 play sets, a grocery cart cover and some other random things! I can't thank her enough for everything. 

The Boober got to help test everything out!

Morning routine.
Every morning I take all 4 of these things, recommended by my midwife (I trust her recommendations over a doctor anyday)  D3 for calcium balancing, immunity boosting, cell growth, and insulin secretion. Perfect prenatal for everything. Fish Oil for Omega-3 fatty acids to help baby's neurological system develop. Floradix for a little boost of iron for blood production.

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