Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Origin of the box

As a kid I loved boxes. Like a lot of kids, maybe... possibly... idk, anyways. If there was a box big enough for me to fit in or put toys in, it was mine! Now you're probably thinking... "that's where she got her username" Nope. Actually I was "gymnastchick14" and "toozedazie" and a bunch of other random things until one day in college, a friend of mine came up with it and ever since then "Jackiinabox" has been my internet persona/AE.

But enough about that lets get back to boxes.

To this day I have a fascination with boxes, I like to put stuff in them, I like to save them for no reason, I like to go through them after a few months to see if there is anything I have forgotten about or want to throw out.

The place I am stuck at during the work day, my register cubical, is like a big box, especially when I'm sitting down at my computer and no one can see me. So I will call this my "work box".

As I sit in my "work box" with no customers in the store, staring off into the distance thinking about the Christmas shopping I have to do, my "work box" quickly turns into a mall, with the help of my laptop. I browse tons of shopping sites trying to find the perfect gifts for my mom, dad, brothers, grandparents and boyfriend. I figure out a few things I could get each but store them in the back of my mind as I don't think they'd be the perfect gifts and I continue on trying to find something better. I find the perfect gift for my boyfriend and of course the mall turns back into my "work box" as a customer comes in and I must interact with them. That's the problem with boxes, the world you create sometimes can be interrupted and some things take longer than in RL.

So after helping a few customers, I get to slip back into the mall and finish my transaction. Score! One present down! After I "check out" the mall becomes my mailbox, to check the confirmation email, and quickly the mailbox turns into the bank to make sure I have enough money for my bills.

Now I'm bored again and my "work box" turns back into the register cubical until I can figure out another thing to entertain myself with. And at this moment, I am currently a writer for a paper, or a book, or something. But I am vigorously working on a story about boxes, hoping people read and like my story. And hoping my friends don't think I'm clinically insane for sitting writing about boxes and how I still use my imagination like a 5 year old. Maybe my friends won't even read this. Either way, I am who I am, and I'm kinda writing this just to entertain myself. I think for now I'm going to exit the my "work box" and go get a cup of coffee.

Hopefully I keep up with this blog better than the Boo Blog. :)

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  1. Maybe you can put a birdie in a little box for the crazy Canadian ;)