Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm sitting in my "register cubical" bored as bored can be. No customers have come in for a little while and I can't find anything interesting to read online. A few of the blogs I go to in times like this have not been updated in a while, so that's no help. So I decide to write, I use to be really into writing when I was growing up. Writing allowed me to make up any story I wanted without getting in trouble, its like lying but its just called fiction when you write it down. Not that I lied a lot as a kid, I was just creative and liked to make stuff up. So this blog is going to be me trying to bring back my creative side, and share the crazy thoughts and daydreams I have when its a slow day at work.

As a few customers walk in....

Anyways, so this is just my introduction post. No fun made up story here. I feel like a little kid stuck in a box left to my own imagination. This box can be anything I want it to be. As Jacki is stuck in this box.

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