Monday, December 3, 2012

38 weeks - First day of "vacation"

So today is my first day off of work. I guess you could call it maternity leave but I'm going to call it my "undetermined vacation". I was up at my normal time, did my normal morning routine and then stared at the wall coming up with what I was going to do with my day.

First thing I tackled was putting together the pack n play. This was a mess because I got it all together, in the nursery, and realized I wanted it in our bedroom. Welp... It didn't fit through the door assembled. So I had to take it apart and put it back together again in our bedroom. Voila!

That was done by 9am, so then I started some laundry and this blog. So far it's been a productive day and it's barely 10am! 

Last night was the Annual Koch Family Christmas Party and Santa brought Baby some presents! His second ornament & a baby journal!

His Great Aunt Daryll made him another one of her amazing bibs! With of course a penguin in it!

And last week Daddy (Levi) finally hung up the last shelf! I decorated it with my first mother's day gift (A monthly photo frame from my mom), Clifford's First Christmas (from my coworker Jill), and 2 sweaters (One Knitted by Great Aunt Daryll and the other from Aunt Allie). Please excuse the lack of light switch cover! Lol

And last but not least, here is this weeks bump, still sitting kind of high, but he feels lower, so I think he's just stretched out.

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