Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Packing Peanuts in the Box

Packing peanuts are the root of all evil! Ok, maybe not but I despise them!!!! Working in a small business/retail store we get packages all the time with new merchandise to put out on the floor. A LOT of the time, those packages contain material to protect the items during shipment. Most materials I am ok with, especially Bubble Wrap. I love that stuff. But packing peanuts I can't stand. Luckily they have been showing up less and less.

When opening a box full of packing peanuts, they're bound to escape. There's no chance in hell you can open a box or take things out of the box without at least some of the light fluffy Polystyrene pillows flying out. They just spring out at you like excited puppies that have been stuck in a box for hours waiting to see someone they can lick. They're so light and fluffy that they're impossible sweep up with a broom. They have to be picked up one at a time, or if you're really skilled (lucky) you can grab handfuls of them, but usually a few escape your grip.

WARNING: If you're not careful they'll stick to you without you ever realizing they're there. You could be walking around with a tush covered in peanuts and you'd never have a clue. And more than likely no one is going to tell you.

What really kills me is that even though they are recyclable. I don't think anyone realizes that. And they get tossed into the trash along with everything else. Polystyrene takes hundreds of years to break down in nature. So once your peanuts get to the local dump they just sit there. If the bag/box/container they were captured in breaks open... Peanuts everywhere.

In theory they are a good idea, soft pillowly cushion to stop things from breaking when the UPS man throws them into the truck. But there are other packing materials that do the same thing and are either more fun (Bubble wrap) or more environmentally friendly (newspaper or any paper for that matter)

Packing Peanuts just need to go!

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