Sunday, July 13, 2014

Photoshop Flowers: Why can't we let nature be natural?

There are always articles circulating about photoshoped super models and celebrities, but they're not the only ones subject to false advertising. I work in my family garden center and this spring I noticed in our packaged bulb selection a particularly odd looking Lilium. I couldn't believe the color combination of this flower on the package. So out of curiosity I decided to plant one to see it for my self.

Here is what the package photo looks like:

(Side note: I planted 2 bulbs in a container on my balcony and my dog dug one up and ate part of it. Luckily I caught her before she ate the second)

So I patiently waited all spring and half the summer and finally it bloomed! Guess what... not the same as the package but I must say it is GORGEOUS!

Overcast photo

in the sunshine

But this all makes me wonder, why can't we leave nature as it is? Whether it's peoples bodies or plants. Why do we have to falsify what things look like? In this case, I'm not disappointed in the outcome at all. I probably wouldn't have been no matter what it looked like because I think every flower/plant is beautiful but what does disappoint me is the companies need/want to change the image from what is reality. 

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